Film & Documentary

When making music in function of film & docu, I try to find the right balance to musically support, emphasise, or nunace the image and narrative. 
I try to achieve this by associating different elements from the narrative or a scene and certain sounds or instrumentations.

Apart from the musical, creative aspect the collaboration with the film maker also plays an important role into becoming a meaningful result.


Bamboe (2018) - Flo Van Deuren

Bamboo plants only bloom once, but if one does, all nearby plants bloom along. The same thing happens to a bunch of thirteen year old girls who are spending their summer days on an abandoned piece of land, overgrown by bamboo. When a mysterious man arrives on their territory, they let go of their carefree summer one by one.


  • Director: Flo Van Deuren

  • Script: Flo Van Deuren

  • Production: Nina Nijs

  • Music: Aiko Devriendt

  • Editing: Lawrence Paul Foley

  • Photography: Jannes De Leest, Maël Robijns

  • Sound: Renzy Saerens, Aiko Devriendt

    Production company: RITCS School of ArtsScenario



Si-gi (2017)

Si-G is a 13 year-old rapper. She dreams of fame but has never believed she could possibly make it, being a special needs student living in a small apartment with her father and sister in the Molenbeek neighborhood of Brussels. When Brussels based rapper Zwangere Guy decides to make a track with her, her dream unexpectedly comes closer.

Writer/Director: Frederike Migom
Producer: Maarten Schimdt, Frederike Migom
Camera: Frederike Migom
Sound recording & mix: Eneas Mentzel
Editor: Ward Geerts
Grading: Xavier Dockx
Music: Aiko Devriendt


Una vità felice (2016)

A portret by Marie De Hert, Ellen Pollard and Yassine Sewak Atari about the life of minor, unaccompanied refugees in Italy.

© Poolhert Productions
Music: Aiko Devriendt

Een reportage van Marie De Hert, Ellen Pollard en Yassine Sewak Atari over het leven van minderjarige, onbegeleide vluchtelingen in Italië.


Ingewikkeld / LABYRINTHINE (2016)

A documentary about the unique life story of Sven unik-id and his living with psychosis. After years of struggling with his ... he has found a vent in artistic expression. Sven is a husband, father, artist and has managed to live a decent life.

With Labyrinthine psychosis doesn’t get a label, but a face.

© Poolhert Productions
Music: Aiko Devriendt